Enterprise Blockchain made easy.

Your integrated gateway to deploying, managing and scaling enterprise blockchain in your value chain.

Setup Your Value Chain

Setup your value chain / consortia by defining the
participating organizations and their corresponding roles

Signup & Start Your Network

Your 1st blockchain network is deployed when you complete the sign up process. It generates a default organization, certificate authority, channel and a process chaincode.

Setup A Consortium Or Go Solo

Build a consortia environment by inviting other stakeholders and their members on the DEF platform, or go solo for bringing immutability in your internal business process.

Define Your Cross-Organizational Business Process

Leverage the DEF Process Builder for a first of it’s kind cross-organizational business process mapping on a distributed data pipeline, where ownership is shared.

Deploy Blockchain Nodes

Instantly orchestrate blockchain nodes across AWS, Microsoft Azure* and on premise hybrid deployment*

Instant Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

DEF has tightly integrated with the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and allows you to instantly deploy nodes in a multi-cloud*, multi-instance environment.

Multi-Region: Start Anywhere, Grow Anywhere

Orchestrate your Fabric nodes on AWS, Azure & On-Premise infrastructure. Select the node size & scale on the go.

Complete Visibility

Gain visibility into the details of node performance; from contracts to transactions, and all things in between.

Onboard Your Stakeholders

Getting your stakeholders on an integrated IT solution has never been this easy. Whether its your bank, insurance company, vendors, customers, competitors – build a consortia the way you like.

Simplify Member Onboarding

Onboarding and scaling are built-in and instantaneous with automated tools and workflows so you can grow your business network with ease.

Tackle Multi-Party Governance*

Nodes, data and key materials are managed individually by each member.  Automated tools and workflows let you scale the network with ease using distributed network ownership or single proxy operator.

Define Business Process

Setting up the chain infrastructure is only a part of the job done. Use DEF to deploy business processes in the form of smart contracts.

Visual Business Process Builder

Deploy any business process ranging from insurance claims, citizen services, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash processes and such others.

Configure Transaction Privacy at Infrastructure Level

Configure which stakeholders are allowed to push / view data at every stage in the business process. This is achieved at the node / infrastructure level using DEF assuring high levels of transaction privacy.

Integrate Existing IT Systems with Blockchain

Blockchain alone can’t do the magic. Real magic lies in integrating a distributed data pipeline with underlying existing IT systems of different stakeholders.

Configure API end-points on the fly

Each stage in a business process will require data coming in from one of the stakeholders. Configure API end points to allow stakeholders to push & pull data out of every stage.

Notifications Engine

Notify existing IT systems by way of APIs, Emails & SMS triggers at every stage of the business process.

Data Analytics Layer

Provide a data analytics layer for stakeholders in your value chain where data is fetched from the blockchain into Data Analytics systems.

Monitor & Grow

Continuously monitor your blockchain network & supercharge your network growth with real-time reporting

Monitor Node Health & Triage when necessary

DEF provides a real-time node monitoring capability which indicates the health of the blockchain nodes. This enables you to visually look at the health of your blockchain network.

Blockchain Explorer

Think of DEF as the management studio of your database. Use DEF Blockchain Explorer to view raw data / transactions / timestamps for each entry in the blockchain.

Your business network is diverse. Your options should be too.

Digitally Transform your business processes with DEF.